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Chord charts for Passion: Worthy Of Your Name

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William Murphy

William Murphy

Most gospel music fans know the smash hit “Praise Is What I Do”—the title track from Shekinah Glory Ministries’ 2002 gold-selling album—much better than they do the name of its writer, William Murphy, III. But that is about to change, and in bold and dramatic fashion. With the release of William’s own label debut album, "The Sound", the world was able to now hear the amazing voice and deeply moving songs of a young man who already is one of the brightest lights in the firmament of contemporary praise & worship music.

William Murphy III was given a solid foundation in both the church and its music, as his father and grandfather were musically gifted, and the elder a Baptist minister and his son a minister and bishop. “Church is what I’ve known all my life,” he says. “My family is rich in the heritage of the Gospel, in spoken-word ministry as well as music. That was the foundation I grew up on.”

William was presented the opportunity by Bishop Long to serve at New Birth in 2001. He and his wife and two children moved to Atlanta as he became the church’s Senior Minister of Worship, a position he held until December 2005. In January 2006, he and his wife, Pastor Danielle launched the dReam Center Church of Atlanta. The dReam Center Church of Atlanta is alive in the earth teaching men to cultivate, strengthen and build their personal relationships with Jesus, their wives, their children, their families and their communities thru prayer, worship, family, evangelism, education, wealth development and social action.

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Song Title Artist / CD Key Charts
Arise (You Are Good)
Arise (You Are Good) William Murphy: Demonstrate
Bb, G
Awesome William Murphy: All Day
Everlasting God
Everlasting God William Murphy: Demonstrate
Get The Glory / Be Glorified
Get The Glory / Be Glorified William Murphy: Demonstrate
Higher William Murphy: God Chaser
I Have Found
I Have Found William Murphy: Demonstrate
I Will Rejoice
I Will Rejoice William Murphy: The Sound
It's Working
It's Working William Murphy: God Chaser
Let It Rise
Let It Rise William Murphy: All Day
Lies William Murphy: Demonstrate
Settle Here
Settle Here William Murphy: Settle Here
You Reign
You Reign William Murphy: God Chaser
Eb, G
Your Love
Your Love William Murphy: Demonstrate
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