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General questions regarding the use and functionality of WorshipReady.com.

If you've ever looked elsewhere online to get a chord chart for a song you wanted to use in your church, then you don't even need to ask this question! There are multiple sites out there, most of which are provided charts by general users. This gives you a huge percentage of charts that are actually not even usable. They are messy, incomplete and almost always just plain WRONG! WorshipReady.com gives you a source that you can get current chord charts that are guaranteed to be accurate... and have PDF, OnSong, Power Music and SongSheet Pro versions (for iPad). You can also click a button to automatically load the chord chart into your Planning Center Online (PCO) account!

Beyond the best source of chord charts available, you also get access to worship and leadership related blogs and a community to interact with and discuss various worship items, annual songwriting competition, new music discovery bringing you suggestions and awareness for the hottest worship songs that you need to be learning, and even more!

There is really no question on if you should subscribe. The question is really "What took you so long to bring me a solution that I can count on?!" :)

We are always adding new chord charts to our catalog! However, if there is a chart that you need and is not presently available, you may request it and get it added to the queue. The majority of the charts that we added are driven by our subscriber requests! There is no guaranteed time frame that a requested chart will be created as it depends on the current queue and our status with it. Now, if you need a chart right away, there is an option to EXPEDITE that chart request! You can pay a small $15 fee to have your requested chart added to the site within 2 business days!

How many charts you are allowed to request depends on your subscription level. Click here to SUBMIT A CHART REQUEST. There is also a button on the left side of our site that is always there.

We use Spotify for providing the full length audio of each song. This is a FREE program that you can download on your computer for listening to songs that you have on your computer as well as via the internet. Once you have it downloaded, you'll see an embedded player on each chord chart page. When downloading/installing, you may see something about a paid subscription. This is NOT required. This will only affect playing of music through Spotify directly and not on our site. A paid account (called Unlimited or Premium) with them will give you an "Ads Free" listening experience. Having a paid or free Spotify account will not affect the embedded audio on our site either way. Download Spotify here!

We have worked with the developers of popular iPad apps to fully integrate our chart service! At this time, this includes OnSong, Power Music and SongSheet Pro. You simply go to add a song within the app, and you can choose WorshipReady.com as the source for finding the song. You'll login to your account and then search for the song. So easy! 

Also, if you download the OnSong file to your computer from our website, you can load it to your iPad using iTunes File Sharing or a Dropbox account. See this article with a video and instructions on using iTunes to transfer the charts you download from our site.


If you find the chord chart that you need, but you need it in a different key, no worries! Of course, you can easily change the key of any chart within the OnSong or SongSheet Pro iPad apps, regardless of what key it comes in by default. Also, once you use our Planning Center Online (PCO) button to load the chart into your account, you can generate multiple key variations there. However, for PDF chord charts, you can request it in a different key. Use the "Request a Chord Chart" button on the left side of this site. Reference the specific chart you want and what key you would like it in. You'll get the same chart but in the requested key usually within 48 hours.

To report a problem with our site, please click the "Need Help" link in the footer area of our website. Be sure to note your issue with as much detail as possible, including what browser and version you are using, PC or Mac, etc. We'll quickly assist in any way necessary.

We have six different types of downloads available:

  1. OnSong Import - this is pulling a chart directly into the iPad OnSong app using the integration available within the app. This does not require downloading anything on our website.
  2. SongSheet Pro Import - this is pulling a chart directly into the iPad SongSheet Pro app using the integration available within the app. This does not require downloading anything on our website.
  3. Power Music Import - this is pulling a chart directly into the iPad Power Music app using the integration available within the app. This does not require downloading anything on our website.
  4. OnSong file - this is downloading the .onsong file from our website, which must be done from a computer... NOT a mobile device. This would then be imported to your iPad using iTunes File Sharing, Dropbox, etc. This file can also be uploaded and used within SongSheet Pro.
  5. PDF file - this is downloading the PDF file from our website, which must be done from a computer... NOT a mobile device. This can be imported to your iPad also of course, but is more intended for print usage.
  6. Planning Center Online - you can import a song directly to your PCO account. It adds the song to your collection and loads an editable chord chart so you can use PCO to generate charts in whatever key(s) you'd like. This requires pop-up support in your browser.

These 6 different download types all count towards your download calculations... even if it's for the same song. It must be done this way due to the reporting we need to provide to publishers. However, note that a download of the same type CAN be done again without counting against you. Examples...

EXAMPLE 1: Download a PDF file for Song X. Two weeks later, you download the PDF again because you lost the file. This will not count against you a 2nd time.

EXAMPLE 2: Download a PDF file for Song X and also an OnSong file for Song X. Same song, but this will count as two downloads.

Questions pertaining to legal issues such as copyrights, licenses, etc.

First, be aware that WorshipReady.com is a subscription service, and does not offer individual charts or printed music for sale.  We are, however in active communication with the necessary publishing companies to make sure that all appropriate rights are in place for our subscription servicing of chord charts. We want to make sure that everything is always done properly for both our protection and yours as the user. Our mission is to honor God in all we do, and that includes fairly compensating publishers and artists for their work.

All songs charted here are the interpretation of our professional chartists at WorshipReady.com, based on existing recorded arrangements. The arrangements used are owned by the copyright owners, not WorshipReady.com or the chartists that create the charts. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

Remember, when you perform any of these tabs or chord sheets in a church, it is necessary for the performer/church to secure a CCLI License. CCLI handles necessary royalties due to the songwriters and publishers. The writer and lyricist deserve to be compensated for their work. The performance, copying, projection, etc of the songs is covered by CCLI.

Under no circumstances are you permitted to share the charts that you download from WorshipReady.com with people outside of your church or ministry. People from other churches need to have their own subscription at WorshipReady.com, then they can access the same resources but make sure they are properly using these charts, as covered under their own church's CCLI license.

Find out more about the Licenses CCLI offers at www.CCLI.com. Apply for a regular license as well as a Rehearsal license and then do your expected reporting. This will ensure that the publishers and songwriters receive the royalties that they deserve and you support their continued ministries and services. Anyone who performs these works in other settings or for a recording needs to contact the publisher for permission. Each instance of recognized failure to comply, may be punishable by $150,000 fine per infraction. Do the right thing and make sure you and your church are protected legally at the same time.


Please note that the above information, laws and copyright related information is applicable to those in the United States. If you are using our services and reside in another country, you can not base your usage on United States laws and copyright guidelines. It is your responsibility to contact a CCLI representative for your country to get usage guidelines that are specific to your location. Otherwise, you will need to contact publishers directly to make sure you have appropriate permissions for making photocopies and other such uses.

Questions regarding membership subscriptions, billing, cancellations, etc.

You can upgrade to a higher level subscription very easily!

  1. Click the "My Dashboard" button on the left side.
  2. To the right of your existing subscription, you'll see an "Upgrade" link.
  3. Clicking the upgrade link will open a box to verify the subscription you are upgrading. Click "Continue". This will display a dropdown of options to upgrade to. Select your preference (monthly, annual, etc).
  4. You will now see a confirmation screen with the payment details of the subscription type you selected. Click "Upgrade Now".
  5. Select your payment method... Authorize.net (credit card) or PayPal, then click Checkout.

After selecting your membership options to create your account, you will have two options for payment. Choose "Authorize.net" and you can pay with Visa / MasterCard directly on our site with a secure connection. The subscription begins at sign up.

You also have a choice of PayPal, which will redirect you to PayPal.com, which is secure, to make your payment using your PayPal account (existing or create one), then return to WorshipReady.com. The PayPal subscription will begin at sign up. 

Subscription plans will charge you for the first month at sign up, then automatically charge each month to keep the subscription active. If you choose an annual plan, then you will be charged for the full year.

Yes, you can cancel at any time, but please note the following:

  • There are no partial-month refunds for a monthly subscription. Your access would continue for the current month and then be disabled when the payment does not recur for the next month.
  • For annually-paid subscriptions, you can get a 50% refund if you cancel within the first 2 months of service. After that point, there is no refund available for unused portions of the year.
  • If you decide to come back and sign up again later, you will have to pay whatever the current rate is, regardless of if you had a discounted rate previously.
  • There are no partial-refunds for chord chart packages.
  • To see our full cancellation and refund policy, or to initiate a cancellation, click here.