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Paula Gallaway

Paula Gallaway

Paula is a credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God and enjoys leading worship not only at her home church, but at minister’s conferences and women’s events around her home state of Indiana! She is also currently serving as the Indiana District Music Director and has a great passion for the presence of Jesus to be of highest priority in all churches. She and her husband, Jerry, pastor at Lighthouse Assembly in Marion, Indiana, where they have served as senior pastors for the past 20 years. Paula has been married for 23 years to her best friend and is the proud mom of one awesome son.

Worship Leaders Who Worship Worship Leaders Who Worship

Written by Paula Gallaway on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Blogs

As Worship Leaders... do we worship? It seems so overwhelming sometimes choosing the right songs, feeling the weight of the responsibility of leading others to God's Holy Throne Room... but I have a very important question for you... Do YOU worship? As a singer, musician, audio/visual tech, etc... are YOU worshiping? Are you so focused on getting it all "right" that you end the set not having heard the voice of the Bridegroom? Are you playing your instrument or singing so others will think you are really great, or are you, with all your mental, physical, and spiritual abilities REALLY worshiping Jesus?

Disingenuous Worship Disingenuous Worship

Written by Paula Gallaway on Friday, 11 April 2014. Posted in Blogs

Does your worship to the Savior sometimes feel… fake, forced, made-up or even “disingenuous?” When you start to pray or read the Word, does your mind wander? Or how about when you are worshipping the Lord... do you feel guilty that your thoughts keep wandering to the laundry, or the game that you are missing on TV? Well, I want to tell you… that is normal. In fact, “disingenuous” is a normal.