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Chord charts for Hezekiah Walker: Azusa The Next Generation

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Hezekiah Walker

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Nathan Gifford

Nathan Gifford

Nathan grew up in the church as a PK (Pastor’s Kid) and was involved in the worship band from a young age. Growing up, he played saxophone in his dad's church, but also in various worship bands, events, camps and recording projects. He graduated from Indiana University School of Music with a performance degree on saxophone. While in college, he began doing some worship leading, which lead to a full-time music pastor position right after graduating, which is also when he began writing worship music. Nathan served in that capacity for about 8 1/2 years. Then he switched gears and started his own business, while doing music ministry "part-time". He took on the worship leadership in a church plant and helped grow the church to about 550 members in 8 years.

Nathan has recorded 9 live worship CDs and been a part of many others during his 20 years of worship leading experience. Much of what has been recorded over the years has been original music. Nathan is an active worship leader and musician in the Fort Collins, Colorado area.


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Song Title Artist / CD Key Charts
Beautiful The Blood
Beautiful The Blood Nathan Gifford: Elevate
Elevate Nathan Gifford: Elevate
Face To Face
Face To Face C52 Worship: Let Your Name
For All That You Are
For All That You Are Nathan Gifford: Elevate
Great C52 Worship: Let Your Name
Here In Your Presence
Here In Your Presence C52 Worship: Let Your Name
I Give You All
I Give You All Nathan Gifford: Just For Who You Are
I Know
I Know Nathan Gifford: Elevate
I Run To You
I Run To You Nathan Gifford: I'm Overwhelmed
E, F
I Will Not Be Satisfied
I Will Not Be Satisfied C52 Worship: Let Your Name
A, B
It's Beginning To Rain
It's Beginning To Rain Nathan Gifford: Elevate
Joy Unspeakable
Joy Unspeakable C52 Worship: Let Your Name
Just To Worship You
Just To Worship You Nathan Gifford: Let Us Come
E, F
Let Your Glory Fill This Place
Let Your Glory Fill This Place Nathan Gifford: I'm Overwhelmed
D, E
Let Your Name
Let Your Name C52 Worship: Let Your Name
My Offering
My Offering Nathan Gifford: Elevate
Not Gonna Let Anything
Not Gonna Let Anything C52 Worship: Let Your Name
One Moment With You / Holy Ground
One Moment With You / Holy Ground C52 Worship: Let Your Name
Speak To Me
Speak To Me Nathan Gifford: Elevate
There's Freedom
There's Freedom C52 Worship: Let Your Name
This Is Your Place
This Is Your Place C52 Worship: Let Your Name
Under Your Wings
Under Your Wings C52 Worship: Let Your Name
Why I'm Here
Why I'm Here Nathan Gifford: Elevate
A, Bb
You And I
You And I Nathan Gifford: Elevate
A, G
You Are
You Are C52 Worship: Let Your Name
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