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Chord charts for Todd Dulaney: A Worshipper's Heart

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"Victory Belongs To Jesus"
Todd Dulaney

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Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion

Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion

“Champion” is the third full-length release from Jesus Culture Music artists, Bryan and Katie Torwalt. Filled with songs written to encourage and strengthen the local church, this new offering from the Torwalts speaks to the nearness of God in every situation and the ultimate victory that comes through Him. Listeners will enjoy the broad spectrum of emotional expressions of their personal journey with God conveyed on this album. From the up tempo “Enter the Gates” and “World of Grace,” to the intimate ballads of “You Never Let Go” and “Come and Move,” this album is sure to become an instant classic.

Song Title Artist / CD Key Charts
Champion Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion
Emmanuel (God With Us Forever)
Emmanuel (God With Us Forever) Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion
Enter The Gates
Enter The Gates Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion
Flame Of Fire, Rushing Wind
Flame Of Fire, Rushing Wind Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion
God With Us
God With Us Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion
High Above
High Above Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion
Let There Be Light
Let There Be Light Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion
Praise Will Be My Song
Praise Will Be My Song Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion
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