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2018 Changes To WorshipReady Plans & Packages!

on Friday, 05 January 2018. Posted in Announcements, Blogs

2018 has brought changes to all of our chord chart subscription plans and our chart packages, accomplishing two main things:

  1. Increase the number of available monthly chart downloads!
  2. Decrease the cost per chord chart!


While not everyone needs large amounts of downloads regularly, we wanted to make that more possible for those that do! Here's what we've done:


  Previous Plans New Plans
Starter Plan 8 charts $5/mo ($3.95/mo annually) 10 charts no price change
Pro Plan 21 charts $13/mo ($10.95/mo annually) 25 charts no price change
Platinum Plan 50 charts $28/mo ($23.95/mo annually) 55 charts no price change
3-Chart Package 3 charts $5 one-time no change $4 one-time
10-Chart Package 10 charts $12 one-time no change $11 one-time
25-Chart Package 25 charts $29 one-time no change $27 one-time
100-Chart Package 100 charts $100 one-time no change


The "Load Me Up" Package

NOTE: Download limits for existing subscriptions have been updated effective immediately! No change effects existing chart packages, but the new pricing will apply to any newly purchased packages.


So, with a subscription you can get worship chord charts for as little as $0.43 per chart! Or if you don't need a regular access to charts, you can get a package with charts priced as low as $1.00 each! Where else can you get quality worship charts for these prices? NOWHERE! 

Why would you pay $2.25 per chart for a PDF only... no OnSong formatted charts?

Why would you pay $145/year to get access to a bunch of songs that cover mainly only the mainstream artists... PDFs only with no OnSong formatted charts... and only ONE version of any song?! I hope the arrangement you want is the one they posted. :)

And don't forget... if you need a chart that we don't have available yet... just submit a chart request and we'll get it charted for you! The other guys won't do that for you... sorry! There's also that nice feature of being able to add songs from our collection directly to your Planning Center Online account with one click! You like time savers, right? (available to Pro and Platinum subscribers)

More downloads... cheaper chart prices... regular free song downloads... great worship-related blogs... promos and suggestions for new music you should check out... what are you waiting for?! Get signed up for the first time or get your existing account upgraded!

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